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Time out please - with an extra portion of sustainability!

At the Auszeit Hotel, we are strongly aware of our ecological and social responsibility in all areas of our hotel operations. Social justice, biodiversity, climate, and environmental protection play an important role in today’s world. That is why our hotel concept is designed to be highly ecological and sustainable and includes cooperation with carefully selected partners – all local and from the region, of course!

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a sustainably managed hotel and would like to contribute to a conscious use of our earth's resources. For stays of two nights or more, we offer you the opportunity to book the Auszeit Green Bonus if you travel to us by hybrid or electric vehicle, train, or bus. With this bonus package, we give you a complimentary ticket for public transportation on HVV (Hamburg’s transportation network), which is valid throughout Hamburg for all ferries, trains, and buses.

Book now with a clear conscience!

Our philosophy: Ecological sustainability

Our most important asset is our environment. Therefore, we want our hotel operations to be as conscientious and environmentally friendly as possible. Since the Auszeit Hotel opened in 2013, sustainability has been one of the most important pillars of our corporate philosophy. This claim drives us and our employees - every day. We always strive to uncover new opportunities and possibilities to improve and be more environmentally responsible.


Our Auszeit bikes

We offer both you, our guests, and our staff the opportunity to make your mobility CO2-neutral. For a small fee, you can rent a bicycle from us and explore Hamburg and its enchanting surroundings in a completely climate-neutral way. Our staff also run errands for our guests via bicycles - out of respect for our environment.

Refillable natural cosmetics

We only provide you with natural cosmetics that are one hundred percent refillable - whether body lotion, soap, shower gel or shampoo. All our "Stop the Water" products are available in practical, refillable containers for your daily use. The production of the products, which are all vegan except for the hand soap, is, of course, completely free of animal testing. By using these high-quality products, you are helping us to save water and protect our environment.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Our cleaning products ensure that you don't have to worry about cleanliness, tidiness, and hygiene at the Auszeit Hotel. We source our products from committed, certified manufacturers who - like the Auszeit Hotel Hamburg - keep an eye on their eco-balance in all business processes. By not deeply cleaning the rooms every day, you are also making an extremely valuable contribution to sustainable and resource-saving hotel operations - for which we are grateful!

Real time out thanks to Slow Food

The Slow Food movement ensures that the future of all our nutrition is guaranteed, with exceptional enjoyment, thanks to a high level of environmental responsibility. The Slow Food movement promotes an ecologically and socially responsible food system that focuses on the protection of animal welfare and bio-cultural diversity – as stated by Slowfood Deutschland e.V. We support this philosophy and put it into practice every day with the greatest passion and dedication.


Energy? Ecological, of course!

For several years now, our hotel has been operated exclusively with one hundred percent green electricity, which we obtain from Montana Energie in Munich. Together with our guests, we actively support the future development of renewable energies and thus contribute to the protection of our planet.

Social sustainability

At the Auszeit Hotel, we place great emphasis on sustainable and socially responsible management. A central point is the human factor. We regularly support charitable projects through donations in goods and money, and our purchasing is exclusively regional.


Project: The Money Hangs on Trees

Regional. Social. Sustainable - this is a wonderful project from Hamburg that we are happy to support. With the help of social fringe groups - or "forgotten people", as the project founders affectionately call them – fruit that typically goes unharvested, or "forgotten resources", are gathered and made into different juices and spritzers. The project is financed by donations and the sale of the beverages. Enjoy the delicious spritzers and juices, which come from local trees, directly in our hotel from our trusted fridge and with your delicious Auszeit breakfast.

Community Cola

We also offer Community Cola to our guests. With every bottle you buy, you support cultural and social projects, whether local initiatives, district projects or neighbourhood needs. You therefore give us great pleasure when you purchase a cola from our trusted fridge and, together we make a valuable contribution to societal cohesion.

Our employee breakfast

Breakfast for our employees has a long tradition at the Auszeit Hotel. After the breakfast hour for our guests has ended, we give our staff the opportunity to enjoy a hearty breakfast. This way, we avoid throwing away perfectly good local products, protect our environment by avoiding food waste and can enjoy the rest of our day with our strengthened and happy team!

Viva Con Agua

By purchasing Viva con Agua mineral water, the Auszeit Hotel supports worldwide projects for clean drinking water. With tons of passion and positive activism, the non-profit organisation Viva con Agua supports a variety of hygiene, sanitation, and water projects. Together with international and local partner organisations, the organization has already helped more than three million people - an impressive success!

As soon as your time-out begins, we welcome you with chilled water - carbonated or still. You will find Viva con Agua's range of products in our trusted fridge throughout your stay, so you can always quench not only your thirst, but also that of people in need around the world. Join us in contributing to the vision of "water for all - all for water".

Economic sustainability

Within the framework of our Bed & Breakfast concept, we offer a lean hotel. This includes a conscious renunciation of all facilities that would mean high costs and energy expenditures, such as a wellness area, fitness room or sauna. The savings we achieve in pursuit of this philosophy enable us to constantly improve the quality of what we offer, which our guests benefit from with every stay, in the form of an attractive price-quality ratio.

Economically sustainable use of resources

We strive to use our natural resources as sustainably as possible, every single day. This is reflected in both ecological and economic terms. In our hotel, for example, you will find energy-saving equipment such as LED lighting in all hotel areas, the use of green electricity, and bathrooms that are maintained without chemical pipe and sanitary cleaners. In addition, the sustainable use of resources is also ensured by our waste prevention management.

Sustainability - the investment pays off!

The Auszeit Hotel Hamburg is firmly convinced that responsible action and sustainable investment will always pay off. We do not measure the success of our investments by our economic operating results, but rather by the implementation of our philosophy and the positive image that results from the practice of this philosophy.