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Online Check-In - Here's how it works

Find out here how to complete our online check-in and gain access to the hotel & room in four simple steps.


1. Receive booking confirmation (only for direct bookings)

2. Perform check-in

3. Get access

4. Open doors

1. Booking confirmation

You will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail immediately after your booking. Should it not be directly in your inbox, don't panic, sometimes the systems need a little breather. We will not forget you. The red button will take you to the confirmation and at the same time to our guest service system. 

Bookers via external sites (Booking, Expedia, etc.) only receive their booking confirmations from the portal.

2. Check-In

You can check in conveniently at any time, but no later than the day of your arrival.  Please complete the missing information on the registration form. Important: enter an e-mail address that you can also receive on your smartphone. We recommend that you carry out the check-in on your smartphone, as a signature is required on the display at the end.

Bookers via external websites (Booking, Expedia, etc.) will receive a text message one day before arrival if we have been provided with a mobile phone number. Quickly send the mobile phone number here:

3. Access

If you have already checked in, you will receive your room key directly on your mobile phone not later than 03:00pm on the day of arrival. If you share the room with another person, simply forward the mobile key by e-mail. Should you ever have problems with your smartphone, a back-up system is available on site. Don't worry: we won't leave you out in the rain!

On weekdays we are personally available for you at the reception until 06:00pm and on weekends & holidays until 03:00pm.

4. Room Key

Under the tab "Room Key" you will find your room key. Only the doors that are relevant for you are displayed. To open a door, simply swipe the slider to the right. You will see that the door opens.

Can't get any further?

Nothing could be easier! Simply fill out the form and the good spirits of Auszeit will take care and get back to you.

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