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The perfect starting point for hiking in Hamburg and the Heath

You will find our Auszeit Hotel located south of Hamburg, which makes it the perfect starting point for impressive hikes around the metropolis on the Elbe.

After all, Hamburg is ideal for a hiking holiday, even if many people find this hard to believe at first. In the city, you can, for example, hike along the Elbe or through the different colourful city districts. Those looking for even more impressive scenery will be pleased with the countryside of the southern district of Hamburg-Neugraben.

The city is encircled by a green belt or network that offers abundant nature and a complex system of diverse hiking routes. Hiking in Hamburg is always a very special experience thanks to the Fischbeker Heath, the Rosengarten Regional Park, the Haake Forest and the area’s nature preserves.

Fischbeker Heide

Can't wait to explore the heath? Then the Auszeit Hotel is the ideal starting point for you. Guests who want to stay for several days will enjoy small and larger walks through the Fischbeker Heide and the Rosengarten Regional Park, for example. We particularly recommend the varied half-day tour through the Fischbeker Heide with a break at the "Schafstall" nature conservation information centre run by the Loki Schmidt Foundation.

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Wander-Tour-Fischbeker Heide

The Rosengarten Regional Park is a varied recreational area right outside our Auszeit Hotel. This is where “Hamburg walking in green" starts. An interesting mix of different landscapes provides a very special charm for shorter or longer tours in the Harburg or the Black Mountains. For the little ones, a visit to the game park is worthwhile, and the grown-ups can experience exciting history up close at the open-air museum Kiekeberg. Nordic walking fans will also find excellent conditions for active tours here.

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Wander-Touren Regionalpark

Nordic Walking Regionalpark

The Heidschnuckenweg (Heidschnucken Trail) leads from Hamburg-Neugraben right through Lower Saxony's heath landscapes down to the small city of Celle. With a length of over 200 kilometres, divided into 13 beautiful phases, the Heidschnuckenweg offers everything a hiker's heart desires - from a short hike to a day hike to a multi-day hike.

The Auszeit Hotel is only two kilometres away from the starting point of one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Northern Germany. Start directly at the hotel and let us transport your luggage comfortably to your next overnight stay.

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